We have prepared an article to help you find important tips in maintaining your cardiovascular system.


Topics covered in the article:

● What do you need to know about hypertension?

● How to support the cardiovascular system?

● What results can be expected?

Hypertension (high blood pressure) is a global public health problem associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and other health consequences (1)

In a healthy person, blood pressure decreases during sleep and increases with physical activity. Its norms gradually change with age. Adequate values in adolescence are 110/70, in adults - 120/80, in the elderly - no higher than 140/90.

Signs of high blood pressure may include the following symptoms:

● Dizziness

● Weakness

● Heartache

● Headache

● Numbness in hands and feet

● Nausea

● Tinnitus

● Heart rhythm disturbances

● Facial redness

● Swelling

If you notice any of these symptoms, it's a reason to see a cardiologist.

How do you take care of your cardiovascular health?

Risk factors for hypertension include: (2)

Unhealthy diet. Frequent overeating and excessive consumption of foods high in cholesterol leads to an increased risk of atherosclerosis, narrowing of blood vessels, obesity and increased strain on the heart. These diseases result in high blood pressure.

Harmful habits. Alcoholic beverages increase pressure, so regular alcohol consumption provokes the development of hypertension.

Heredity. The chance of developing hypertension is higher in people whose one parent has a history of the disease than in those with a good cardiovascular heredity.

Associated diseases. High blood pressure is not always a consequence of bad habits and genetic predisposition. The cause may be diseases of the heart, kidneys, liver, spine and nervous system, diabetes, atherosclerosis or improper functioning of the glands of internal secretion. In this case, hypertension is a symptomatic condition, which is eliminated by treatment of the underlying disease.

Thus, the prevention of hypertension includes leading a proper lifestyle, a balanced diet, as well as physical activity.

There are also products on the market that can help in the prevention of hypertension. One of them is Tensonol. According to the manufacturer, regular intake of these capsules can help maintain healthy blood pressure and also support the immune system.

Tensonol contains natural ingredients proven to be effective against high blood pressure (3,4).



Rich in antioxidant properties, it is considered a superfood. This important root plant is valued for its heart-healing properties. It is abundant in blood-thinning elements, which in turn impede the formation of blockages in the arteries. The polysulphides exist in garlic also dilate blood vessels that help in maintaining blood pressure, cholesterol, and the development of plaque in the arteries.

Mountain Hawthorn:

This wonderful herb from the rose family is amazing as it keeps a balance to the heart. It provides nourishment to the whole body and has the wonderful ability to treat both high and low blood pressure. Its vasodilating effect improves the heart rhythm and lowers the consequences of angina. This berry can be suitable for treating heart failure, as well as lowering blood fats.


● It can strengthen the aging heart and boost the immune system.

● Can help boost energy levels and energize you for the day.

● Jammed with nutrients that ate well for everyone.

● Can alleviate health conditions and cleanse the body of bad cholesterol.

● Can promote optimal cardiovascular function.

How much does the product cost and where can it be purchased?

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Scientific references about TENSONOL:

1. Impact of environmental factors on hypertension and associated cardiovascular disease.
2. Prevalence and factors associated with pre-hypertension and hypertension among adults: Baseline findings of PURE Malaysia cohort study
3. Garlic: Health benefits and actions
4. The effect of hawthorn (Crataegus spp.) on blood pressure: A systematic review

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